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Implementing American Universal National Health Care is the ONLY thing big enough to fuel our economic recovery.

August 29,2009

Here's something I'll bet you didn't know. Britain grew its bombed out, bankrupt economy out of the ruins of World War 2 by starting its Universal National Health Care system when it had NO money.

Britain began its Universal National Health Care System immediately after World War II when most of its buildings lay in bombed out ruins and Britain was incredibly bankrupt.

The Universal National health Care system catalyzed the nation causing economic growth with the training of huge numbers of new doctors and medical personnel and the huge growth of the medical economy.

Universal National Health Care helped lift Britain out of economic collapse. There was no "option".

For this reason the time for American Universal National Health Care is NOW exactly BECAUSE we are in an economic crisis. American Universal National Health Care will cause the high wage jobs and taxable business growth economic recovery in America that we so desperately need RIGHT NOW.

Would you rather have an economy based on pushing fraudulent paper on Wall Street or one rebuilt on American growth in medical technology and personnel fueled by a large, new, demand driven expansion of the high tech, high wage jobs, medical industry?

Here's something else you probably didn't know: Government cost limits on the price of medical procedures actual INCREASE innovation rather than reduce it. Here's proof.

In Japan they actually set maximum prices for certain medical procedures such as an MRI scan but didn't allow rationing. People still wanted MRIs. So Japanese technology companies redesigned MRIs so they could be made much more cheaply than American MRI machines to increase profits while still providing those MRI scans at the price set by the government.

Soon the Japanese started building their own new cheaper MRI's and they were so much cheaper that got used much MORE than the old MRIs had at the higher prices. This resulted in MORE MRI scans being made available not less.

In fact the resulting Japanese MRI machines are so much cheaper and more effective than previous USA MRI machines that the Japanese MRI is now taking over the market in other countries like the United States. The Japanese MRI machines now out compete USA designed MRI machines which had virtually no cost pressures due to our skewed healthcare system which now excludes the demand of millions of those patients who have lower incomes. So now the Japanese MRI machines are sold and imported to the United States!

Now is the time for AMERICAN Universal National Health Care to pull us out of the depression we are now in. It will be the economic engine that restarts American ingenuity and high paying jobs that are now being stifled by the minimal coverage of private health insurers.

And we should set cost controls for procedures to prompt US manufacturers to be as competitive as the Japanese. We will get a huge economic recovery, better technology and have less rationing of healthcare than we get now from expensive private healthcare providers.

American Universal National Health Care is an economic necessity. Our economic recovery that will be fueled by the American Universal National Health Care System can not be just an "OPTION."

I am surprised Republicans don't remember what Reagan said - if you expand the economy you will raise tax revenues and cause an economic boom. Remember "A rising tide lifts all boats?" Well in this case it will becuase an expansion of healthcare to ALL citizens including the 40 something MILLION now excluded from the healthcare marketplace will create HUGE new numbers of high paying jobs, businesses, and opportunities that will make our economy boom more than any other single thing Obama and even Republicans could do - and it will cost far less than the bailouts already being done which haven't created any jobs or new businesses. Not only will citizens thank Obama and even Republicans if they pass American Universal Health Care, but business owners will too.

Empty buildings will fill with new clinics. Schools will fill with new medical trainees. Medical equipment manufacturers will race to meet the new demand. Investors will finally have stocks with increasing revenues. Job growth will jump as the new clinics hire and the supporting businesses hire. With the increase in job growth and wages houses will finally have buyers who can afford them and the toxic housing debt will finally stop hemorraging. In fact by expanding the healthcare market instantly to the 40 million currently uninsured Americans it will be revenue positive in a huge way for business owners, job seekers, property owners and yes even the government by increasing the tax base dramatically.

Medicine is estimated to be one sixth of our national economy. By expanding it instantly to 40 million more Americans it will be the largest single PERMANENT economic expansion in American history. Vivzizi

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