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BroJon News: Monday August 1, 2005


CHAPTER 1: Finding the Science and Wisdom Behind the Biblical Texts


In the Book of Joshua, chapter 10, verses 12 and 13, it states:

10:12: Then spoke Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD gave the Amorites over to the men of Israel and he said in the sight of Israel "Sun, stand thou still at Gibcon and thou Moon in the valley of Ai'jalon."

10:13: And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed until the nation took vengeance on their enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jashar? The sun stayed in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.

I have long studied the book of Joshua, and have wondered where did that reference to stopping the sun and moon came from?

fig 1. Joshua commands the sun and moon to stand still

Since about 1971, I have been studying the bible in depth, since I first discovered numerous references to what could only be called actual ancient advanced science -- but misinterpreted as "miracles" by an uneducated populace who didn't understand the science involved. Try to explain to ancient people how a cellphone or TV works and they would call it a "miracle."

Much of ancient science, such as building circular calculators, like Stonehenge, to find the relationship between the rotation rates of the sun and moon, to predict events such as earthquakes and severe adverse weather patterns, actually predate by thousands of years, most of the biblical stories. Despite what most people might believe, advancements in astronomy, geology and mathematics did occur beginning around 5,000 to 8,000 BC and actually show up much later as misinterpreted stories in such ancient texts as the biblical scrolls of the ancient Hebrews.


For example, I have found and can prove that the first five books of the Bible, called the "Torah" or "Books of Moses" by the Hebrews, were not written until about 600 BC, and not written much earlier, as is claimed, by Moses in 1300 BC. Unlike biblical archaeologists who use comparative linguistics for dating texts, I have found something in the texts, which absolutely dates the text.

If the Torah texts had said that Adam's son, Cain, had called his brother, Abel, on his cellphone, you would know that the text had to be written after 1980 AD, since there were no cellphones before that. The biblical text doesn't say that, but there are numerous factual anachronisms which are just as accurate for dating the text.


It seems I am the first one to notice that there are numerous references to Iron and Iron forging in the first five books of the Torah.

fig 2. Hebrew scribe copies the ancient Torah Scroll

But the smelting and forging of Iron did not come into common usage in the middle east until about 800 BC. That was about the time of the change from the Bronze Age to the Iron age. We must assume that the earliest Hebrew scribes who first wrote down the Torah texts, lived long enough after the beginning of the Iron age to have completely forgotten when the Iron Age actually began.

The earliest Torah reference to Iron is in Genesis 6:22 about Cain's son, “... Tubal-cain, an instructor of every forger in brass and iron.” The Hebrew scribes who penned the Genesis story were priests and rabbis, and were not historians. They seem not to know that Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel long preceded the forging of Iron, so there is something wrong with the text unless it was actually written after about 600 BC.


Even in the much later “historical” books of Kings and Chronicles, about the kings such as, Saul, David and Solomon, we again have the same problem. Many scholars believe that the “historic” books were actually journals or diaries written concurrently with the events during the time of the Kingdoms of David and Solomon. But not so.

In the story of David and Goliath, the text explains the size of the giant Goliath.

fig 3. David defeats the Philistine giant Goliath about 1000 BC

He was so large that his "iron bed" was larger than a weaver's loom, or about 10 feet. But David and Goliath lived 200 years before Iron forging was invented. And the first use of Iron was for weapons such as swords and armor. It was only much later that Iron was used for common personal goods such as making beds. Thus even the later “historical” books were also written much later and probably also about 600 to 500 BC.

Since the first five books of the Torah were written about 600 BC, we must assume then, that the 6th book, Joshua, was also written after that. But what is the actual source of those books, or scrolls? It turns out not to be from original Hebrew sources or legends. Almost all of the material, except for strictly Hebrew family oral history or lineage, came from much earlier Greek, Babylonian, Minoan (Phoenician), Egyptian, or Sumerian sources.


The first chapter of Genesis starts, "In the beginning God(s) created Heaven and Earth." It has always been a theological enigma why the Hebrew term god was plural in that sentence. But I have solved the problem. Since the book of Genesis was not of early Hebrew origin but was actually written after about 600 BC, then that story of the six days of creation could have been lifted from another source. I have found one of the original sources.

The first chapter of Genesis was "lifted" almost verbatim from the earlier Greek historian/author, Hesiod, dating accurately from 800 BC. There are two primary academic sources for the history and cataloging of the ancient Greek religion. They are; Hesiod, and the much later Homer (500BC), in his story of Troy in his book the Iliad.

Unfortunately, Bullfinch's Mythology and other academics usually only use Homer as their source and not the much earlier Hesiod. The two Greek theology stories are not the same. And thus, most people have not studied nor read Hesiod's version and therefore cannot see the extreme similarity and parallels between Hesiod version and the first 10 chapters of Genesis.


I have studied Hesiod's, "Theogony" (Source of the Gods) and found that it was, in fact, the source for the first chapter of the Hebrew book Genesis. In the Hesiod Greek version it starts out, "Heaven (Uranus) and Earth (Gaia) created the gods." Those “created” gods were the "six" inanimate Titans, who were later taken over or defeated by the Olympians, led by the "seventh" primary animated or "living" Greek god, Zeus, also known as Jove. The Hebrew Genesis version says exactly the same thing but has an "inserted" grammatical mark called "et".

And in the Hebrew Genesis version, the "six created" Titan gods became characterized as the "six days of creation” of chapter one, but the Greek “god” names and the Hebrew “days” have exactly the same meaning. Example; In the Hebrew version, on the first day light and dark are created to mark the first day or the beginning of Time - while in the Greek version, the first Greek god created was Chronos, also meaning Time.

The other examples in order from Hesiod and Genesis: (Day 2) Hebrew creation of the "firmament" or sky; Greek god Japetus, meaning blue-eyed or “blue sky,”

fig 4. Six days of Creation from the Genesis story

(Day 3) Hebrew separation of “ocean waters” from the land; Greek god Oceanus, (Day 4) Hebrew formation of “lights traveling in the sky,” moon and planets; Greek god Hyperion, meaning in Greek "he who travels above," (Day 5) Hebrew creation of birds and fish; Greek Coes, god of animals in the sky and ocean, (Day 6) Hebrew creation of land animals and man; Greek Crius, goat-like god of land animals.

The "seventh" Greek god, Zeus or Jove, became in the Hebrew version, YHVH (pronounced "Yo-ve" or "Jo-ve" since in most Indo-European languages the letters "Y" and "J" are interchangeable). The Hebrew name, YHVH, the god who rested on the "seventh day" is never spoken or pronounced in Hebrew. Otherwise, anybody would easily know it was exactly the same as the contemporary generic Greek and Roman "seventh" gods Zeus (“living person”, in Greek) or Jo-ve (Jove-pater, Jove the father, or Ju-piter in Latin).


The effect of that single “inserted” grammatical mark "et" is to denote direct object, or the person acted upon by the subject in the Hebrew sentence. If that single character were removed, then the first sentence of Genesis, is reversed. Then the first sentence would literally translate as, "Heaven (shamayim) and Earth (h'aretz) first made the gods (elohiym). But that is exactly the same as the Hesiod Greek version of the text. Now you know why the Hebrew version of the Torah has "gods" as plural in the first sentence. It was simply lifted, as a whole, from the earlier Greek Hesiod source, by some Hebrew scholar who first wrote down Genesis about 600 BC. That's 200 years after Hesiod wrote his version.

But somebody, later simply stuck into the Hebrew scroll text that single grammatical mark "et" to make it look like Judaism was not actually pagan, just like the Greeks, but was monotheistic with a single Hebrew god, simply by reversing the order of the very first sentence.

fig 5. Inserting grammatical character "et" to convert a Greek pagan myth to a Hebrew monotheistic creation story

That is the only place where the grammar mark "et" is used in the Old Testament biblical text. Since it is only a grammar mark it is not indicated in English or other language translations. The only way we know the meaning of that simple mark is from its use in other non-biblical Hebrew texts. Simply inserting or removing that one mark in the first sentence completely changes the whole demeanor of the later Hebrew religion. It was a crude attempt, but I caught the crude error by finding the original source for the text. Simply inserting that single character in the first sentence of the first chapter was sufficient to make the Hebrew national religion look like it was not Greek in origin, but was some separate belief system belonging to the Jews. Not so.


I have found many examples of hard-core early science, about astronomy, mathematics, geology and lunar/solar time systems for making accurate calendars in the first 10 chapters of Genesis. These scientific or ancient wisdom references were lifted straight out of the earlier Greek, Egyptian and Sumerian scientific sources, but the "names" were changed "to protect the innocent." And here "innocent" means the Hebrew scribes who plagiarized the earlier material without citing the original sources. Most of the early religions also did the same things, including the Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians and Sumerians, so it's not just the Semites who plagiarized material in order to tell a good story. The ancient science and wisdom literature was simply passed off as original "miracle" stories or legends. But not so.

Joshua took over command of the Hebrew army after the death of Moses in about 1300 BC. So, supposedly, the book of Joshua should come after the Books of Moses, or the scroll of the Torah. But as I pointed out, the Torah was not written down until about 600 BC. So what about the Book of Joshua? What is its source, and when was it written?

In the Joshua text itself, verse 10:13, it says, "Is this not written in the Book of Jashar? The sun stayed in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day." (Note: the spelling I found most often was Jasher, not Jashar. But the early Hebrew syllabary had no vowels so either is correct. The Hebrew text only shows J-SH-R.)

I spent nearly a decade trying to track down any source or reference to the Book of Jasher. In 1991, I finally found a copy. It purported to be something like an Armenian language text translated from the ancient Hebrew Book of Jasher, found in a mysterious buried chest, in Russia in the 1800's. I found it to be a completely modern fake. Thus the Book of Jasher, which I had found, was not from any original sources, but was most probably, a 19th century hoax.

I must assume that for over three millennia people have been looking for the long-lost Book of Jasher, but finding none, somebody finally made up a faked text to support the story told in the book of Joshua. The "fake" book of Jasher seemed to be a modern re-write of stories from the book of Deuteronomy. But, unknown to most people, Deuteronomy is clearly written after the "post exilic" period about 500 BC, after the last two remaining Hebrew tribes of Judah and Benjamin were released from bondage in Babylon. But how can a collection of stories in the "Book of Jasher" with stories written in 500 BC be the "sourcebook" for the Book of Joshua, claiming to be written about 1300 BC? It would then be reasonable to assume that both the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua were written after about 500 BC,

Thus, I must conclude that there is not and never was any Book of Jasher. The story about Joshua making the sun and moon stop was simply an often used literary artifice to make Joshua look important and powerful. It was a common literary device in the old testament to use "Is it not written in the Book of ..." to make it seem as if the story comes from an older source, when actually it was simply a fictional story-telling device to enhance the "authority" of the storyteller.


I don't think most of the ancient Hebrews believed that story about Joshua and the sun and moon -- any more than today, people might or might not believe the story that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree or had wooden teeth. It's a nice legend about a popular national hero, but without any factual basis.

Does anybody really believe the story, that Joshua, with seven rams horns blew down the walls of Jericho?

fig 6. Joshua's Hebrew army attacked the ancient high-walled fortress city on the top of the hill Tel Jericho

Of course not. Earthquakes knock down stone walls, not rams horns. But maybe the horns were being blown about the same time as a large earthquake occurred. That's possible. Most ancient people didn't understand nor even have a name for earthquakes, so the cause of the crumbling stone walls was ascribed to Joshua and his horn blowers. The whole Book of Joshua, should be taken with a legendary grain of salt, just like the story about Washington tossing a quarter across the Delaware River.

Even what is theologically and academically taken as the Hebrew "historical" books such as "Kings" and "Chronicles" about the stories of Kings David and Solomon which occurred about 1,000 BC were not written down until more than 400 years later after 600 BC. To assess how much literary embellishment has been added to those Hebrew "historical" books after 400 years, consider how much legendary embellishment has been added to the story of George Washington after only 200 years.

Today, much of modern science, such as Relativity Theory and Big Bang Creation is completely based on "belief" not on facts. While, in contrast, much of the biblical "religion narrative" is actually based on legitimate but quite mis-understood ancient science. It's most interesting how much both science and religion have simply gotten it all wrong. But the worst "faithers" are the scientists, since they think they can actually "prove" their "beliefs."

Coming next, finding the much older source of the ancient science and wisdom behind all of modern religion. Did you ever hear of the Magi? How did they get to be "wise men?"

BroJon News: Monday August 15, 2005


CHAPTER 2: How the Principles and Knowledge of Advanced Modern Science, Mathematics and Astronomy Got Hidden Inside the Bible


Around 300 BC, the truth of the ancient scientific wisdom in Genesis was covered up and destroyed. What was that scientific knowledge, who did it and why? The problem that is confusing most people is that the Hebrew Concordance information included in most bibles is incorrect. For example in most Hebrew Concordances you will find:

"In the beginning (B'resheet) created (b'rah) Gods (Elohim - a plural ending) the (et) heavens (ha-shamyim) and the (v'et) earth (h'eretz)."



('et)           eloh-heem'          bah-rah'                b'reh-sheeth'               

בראשית ברא אלהים את   

            GODS          MADE           AT FIRST             

           h'eh'-retz              v'et           h'shah-mah'-yim            

השמים ואת הארץ   

          THE EARTH    AND    THE HEAVENS       

fig. 7. This is the first line of text from the ancient Hebrew Torah. Also known as Genesis 1:1. The Hebrew text and letters are read from right to left. In Hebrew grammar the sentence structure is Verb-Object-Subject. This sentence properly translates as "The Heavens and the Earth at first made gods." The surreptitious insertion was the Direct Object symbol "et" which reverses Subject and Object.

"את" At first, I was confused as to where this mistaken translation might have come from, but then I found the original source was "The New Englishman's Hebrew Concordance" first published in English in 1843. What is confusing is that the text has too many "the" words in it. The New Englishman's says the following for the word et "את."
    "N.B. The place of "aleph-tav" את (when nothing is given in the English as
    its meaning) is marked thus, )(."

In other words when you see )( in the Englishman's Concordance it means the Hebrew text has the almost silent word with no translated meaning את "et." It then gives the literal translation of Gen 1:1 as:

    "In the beginning God created )( the heavens
    and )( the earth."

And that is pretty much what you find in most bibles. But that says that there are two )( "אתs" in Gen 1:1 and not just one. If you check the original Hebrew text, that is clearly incorrect. It is false. There is only one. So who is trying to fool whom?

One of the confusions is that "v'et" is not the same as את "et." The word "v'et" means AND. As in h'shamyim (the heavens) v'et (and) h'eretz (the earth). Yes, there are thousands of alef-tav characters in the biblical text, if it is preceded by the character vav, since vav-alef-tav is the common conjunction "and."


I should also add, that in Hebrew the specific article "the" is indicated by adding the letter "he" at the front of the word. Thus shamyim means heavens, but ha'shamyim is THE heavens, and eretz means world and ha'eretz is THE world. What that means is that "ha'.." indicates "the" and that ")(" does not mean "the." So the New Englishman's Concordance translation of the first sentence has too many "the" words in it. It is not correct and just doesn't make any sense.

In most Hebrew Concordances you can find את "alef-tav" listed as being used 26 times in Genesis 1. But in all those other cases it is added onto or attached to the front of the noun word which the direct object of the sentence. It does not stand alone as it does in Gen 1:1. In fact, it is not a word, but only part of a word and it never stands alone. It never stands alone since it is not a word with linguistic meaning, it only has grammatical meaning to indicate direct object in the sentence.

For example: in Gen 4:1 it says "Adam knew Eve ... and she bore Cain." This seems to be some kind of Hebrew poetry and for some reason they needed to show who "knew" whom, since here the normal Hebrew word order had been changed. Thus in the text it has "h'adam" knew "'et-h'eva." Here the word "et-h'eva" or The First Mother has the added alef-tav "את" sound added to the front to show that it was Adam that knew Eve, and not the other way around.

I had to laugh at that Hebrew usage, since the last time I checked with my kids about the latest in sex education, whether Adam had sex with Eve, or Eve had sex with Adam - it still comes out that Eve bore Cain. So whether they added the "את" 'et sound to the front of the word Adam or Eve - they still raised Cain. Maybe the ancient Hebrew scribes hadn't figured that out yet.

Also in that very same sentence, the "את" 'et sound is added to the front of the name Cain, to show that it was "h'eva" who bore "'et-Cain" rather than Cain bore Eve. To find out why all these strange grammar machinations to figure out, who did what to whom, we need to know something about normal word order in ancient Hebrew.

Coming next: How word order in the ancient Hebrew sentence Seals the Proof of the Great Mistake in Genesis 1:1. What role did the Ancient Wise men, the Magi, have in creating that mistake. And how modern science, math and physics were delayed by thousands of years by covering up the Gnostic Knowledge of ancient science.

BroJon News: Monday August 17, 2005


CHAPTER 3: How the Principles and Knowledge of Advanced Modern Science, Mathematics and Astronomy Got Hidden Inside the Bible - and Who Tried to Hide It


Most people have been taught that our modern alphabet was invented by the Greeks and it got its name from the first two letters in Greek, Alpha and Beta. But is that true? It has long been a mystery as to where the alphabet symbols came from and why they are in almost the same order regardless of the language. What we now call the alphabet was first developed thousands of years earlier, about 6,000 years ago as a list of the symbols or signs of the Zodiac in the sky.

fig 7. Matching the Signs of the Zodiac as seen at Sunset to the Original Characters of the Alphabet

This was uniformly used by most of the ancient cultures in all of the western world ranging from Europe, Africa to India.

The ancients made the symbols from star constel- lations as they appeared on the horizon just above the western setting sun on the first day of the month. The first day of the new month was the day when the thin crescent moon first appeared just above the sun at sunset. The name of that month or "moonth" was the name of the constel- lation seen behind the crescent new moon. Thus the earliest calendar of the star patterns seen in the sky at sunset was made first, and then the same symbols were later adapted and used as a convenient primitive alphabet or syllabary.

fig 8. Taurus the Bull becomes Aleph or A

A syllabary is a partial alphabet without the vowels.

The first symbol in the star list was Taurus the Bull. This star pattern at sunset appears as an obvious triangle of five stars with the point or nose of the bull pointing left. The ancient symbol was a V shape pointing left and a vertical line through the "horns." This later was rotated 90 degrees to become our modern letter A. The ancient Egyptian word for bull was Alif, later Hebrew was Aleph, and the Greek was Alpha. In ancient Egyptian, the Alif symbol was a sideways V with a vertical line. The Hebrews had rotated the symbol and moved the vertical crossing line and put it on the left to look like the letter N, and called it Aleph. The Greeks simply rotated the much older Egyptian symbol similar to today's A.

The next symbol in the Zodiac list is Gemini. This is a very large asterism or constellation with two very bright stars (Castor and Pollux) with two medium bright

fig 9. Gemini the Twins becomes Beta or B

stars just below which are the torsos of the twins. And then farther down were another two stars which were the "feet" of the twins. The ancients ignored the distant and dim feet stars and only used the two bright top stars and the two torso stars. The reason was because the "feet" stars were dim and simply disappeared below the horizon in the bright sky of the setting sun. This symbol of four stars on the sunset horizon looks like a wide rectangle. To the ancients this low flat rectangle looked like a House.

The Egyptian word for House is "bet." In Hebrew the word for House is Beth. As in Bethel (house of god) or Bethlehem (house of bread, or a bakery). In Greek the House symbol became Beta, from the earlier Egyptian "bet" or Hebrew "beth." Frequently the House symbol was drawn with a vertical line in the middle to indicate a two room house. The Greeks rotated the two room house symbol on end and it became our letter B.

Next in the ancient star symbol list was the very large pattern Leo the Lion,

fig 10. The front half of Leo the Lion becomes Gamma or C

so large that it was divided into the two parts. The front of the Lion has a very conspicuous star pattern in the sky looking like a backwards question mark. The ancient Egyptian for Lion was Gamel, as in Gamal Nasser. In Hebrew, this symbol became the third letter Gimel, and in much later Greek, became Gamma. The appearance of the backwards question mark became our modern third letter C.

The back half of Leo the Lion, was the haunches of the lion,

fig 11. The back half of Leo the Lion becomes Delta or D

which appears in the sky as a bright equilateral triangle with the point at the top. This triangle became the Egyptian Dalet, the Hebrew Daleth and the Greek Delta, or triangle, as in the triangle region known as the Nile River delta. In modern alphabets the triangle was rotated 90 degrees to become our letter D.

Are you beginning to notice that despite the different languages, all the ancient star symbols for the Zodiac signs were the same symbol and even had the same or similar sounding names?


I have traced the symbols of the Zodiac around the year and they can be shown to be the source of the 19 characters of the Egyptian syllabary.

fig 12. The balance pans of LIbra the Scales becomes Epsilon or E

The pronunciation of the character, or its linguistic value, was from the beginning sound of the early ancient star symbol name.

The ancient Hebrews adapted the 19 Egyptian symbols and names and slightly expanded them to 22 characters, as did other languages which needed to distinguish between similar language sounds. Example: In Hebrew the alphabet characters Sin and Shin are really the same Egyptian symbol, looking like the letter W but, Sin has a dot above the left end, and Shin has a dot above the right end.

So there is a one to one correspondence to each of the Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek alphabet letters tracing back to the 12 signs of the Zodiac which were sometimes subdivided, based on the needs of the language, to produce 19 Egyptian, 22 Hebrew and 24 Greek letters. All modern Latin-based alphabets, including English, are based on the original 19 Egyptian-Sumerian syllabary or consonant symbols, but added 5 vowel sound symbols for a total of 26 symbols to make a complete modern alphabet.


Is it possible to date the very beginnings of the alphabet? Yes.

fig 13. The Constellations of the Zodiac with dates as they appeared on the Spring Equinox sunset horizon on the First Day of the ancient new year. This is the source of the term Age of Aquarius, meaning the future or the setting sun constellation in about 200 years. This is not the same as the actual place in the zodiac where it crosses the plane of the ecliptic on the Spring or Vernal Equinox. For modern astronomy, that is currently three signs back near the First Point of Aries. .

Today, Taurus the Bull is no longer the constellation or star pattern seen on the horizon at sunset on the first day of the year. It is no longer the first item on the Zodiac star pattern list.

Because of the precession of the equinoxes, which takes about 26,000 years for a complete cycle, the stars seen on the horizon at sunset shift through the cycle about 2,200 years for each Zodiac symbol. The star patterns have shifted through three zodiacal signs since Taurus was the first pattern on the list. Thus the beginnings of the alphabet began when Taurus was on the horizon on the first day of the year between 4,400 to 6,600 years ago. That would be between 2,400 to 4,600 BC.

The earliest known examples of symbolic writing or earliest alphabets discover- ed by archaeologists is the almost simultaneous appear- ance of writing in Ancient Sumeria and Egypt about 3,600 BC. This is right in the middle of the time when Taurus the Bull, or Alef was first on the zodiacal star list.

Thus, despite what most people believe, the word "alphabet" does not come from the Greeks, but from many thousands of years earlier, from the common zodiacal star lists used by ancient "cradle of civilization" scientist-astro- nomers who first made symbolic calendars dating from about 4,000 BC. But who made them? And how did they get all over the ancient world in all the many languages with the same symbols and names?


About 5,000 BC a wisdom school was established in the Caucasus Mountains just north of the ancient Mesopotamian "cradle of civilization."

fig 14. Early stylized depiction of the fabled Zoroaster from about 5,000 BC

This has been called by various names, but typically, it was the School of Zoroaster. Each year only the most intelligent and highly educated scholars from around the known world were selected to attend this school. The purpose of this school of higher education was to discover the ultimate laws and rules of the universe. This school was the first University.

There is historical evidence that this Zoroasterian University remained in existence from about 5,000 BC to about 1,000 BC. The graduates of this University traveled back to their homes and were the advisers to kings and pharaohs throughout the ancient world. Why is it you never heard of them? You have. They were called the Magi. The "wise men" of the ancient world.

Even today, highly educated scholars are hired by local communities as a combination police officer, judge, administrator and justice of the peace - and they are called MAGIstrates. The Magi served that same role in most of the communities and cities of the ancient world. Someone who is a master of inventions and solving science mysteries is called a MAGIcian. They are mentioned numerous times in the ancient texts, including the Greek new testament and even more so in the old testament Torah, but you need to know where to look.

The early Persian and Indian name Magi was plural and referred to the group of university scholars. The singular form of the word is Magus. The Magus was skilled in designing and using scientific instruments and machines. In early Greek, Magus was also Machus or Machanus, from which the modern terms machinist or mechanical are derived. The Magi were equivalent to modern day members of Mensa, who have a Ph.D. in astronomy, physics, medicine, law, or at least an MBA in Civil Adminstration. Their scholarly works filled the scrolls in the ancient Library at Alexandria, which held all the wisdom of the ancient world.

Almost all the civil laws and codes of conduct of the ancient world were written by the Magi. That includes the Code of Hammurabi and even the Ten Commandments.

fig 15. Botticelli's version of Moses helping the daughters of Jethro at the well

You may think Moses got the Ten Commandments on the top of Mt. Sinai, but not so. When Moses first escaped from Egypt, he ran across the Sinai desert to Midian, halfway down the coast. There he met his future wife Zipporah, and future father-in-law Jethro, who was the Magi of Midian. Exodus 18:12 through verse 26 tells how Jethro, the Magi of Midian, taught Moses how to run the civil administration for the Hebrews in the desert, and how to set up a code of conduct to be admin- istered by local judges. Two chapters later, Moses "magi-cally" produces the Ten Commandments.

Other priest-ruler-adminstrators or Magi mentioned in the Old Testament include: Melkezedek, Enoch, Elijah, Eli, and Samuel. Samuel was the last of the Hebrew Magi. After him, the Kings Saul, David and Solomon, assumed they were smart enough that they didn't need to listen to any Magi. After King David, the few remaining wise Magi were called Prophets, who were completely ignored by the later faltering Kings of Israel and Judah. If there is a message in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible it would be: Listen to the advice of the Magi and you will flourish and your society will thrive -- or if not, then your kingdom will be destroyed, your people will be killed or taken off into slavery. Which is pretty much all of the Hebrew Old Testament in a nutshell. Later religious scholars like to turn the Old Testament into a "religious" document by simply eliminating all references to the Magi in Hebrew history.

The Beginnings of Mathematics and Science

I call the ancient Magi scholars the "masters of time and space" since their studies included knowledge of science, physics, astronomy, mathematics and the making of accurate calendars. Why calendars? You need an accurate calendar to master time and space. Their discoveries included, by about 3,500 BC, knowledge of the diameter of the earth, exact length of the year as earth goes around the sun, in-depth knowledge of medicine, electricity and lists of accurate star charts and planetary motions. I will show you the evidence for these discoveries and document where you can find them.

It was from those ancient Magi star charts, that all of western civilization came to have, as you now know, a common alphabet with common sounds for each of the symbols - based on the Magi names for the symbolic pictures that they had discovered in the heavens nearly 6,000 years ago.

Why is it that all the wisdom, science and knowledge of the ancient Magi was placed in the ancient biblical texts, and then later covered up? Maybe the Magi, the biblical wise men themselves can show us the answer.

BroJon News: Monday August 22, 2005

Who Has the Correct Answer?
It's Time to End the Insane Debate



Recently the Science Vs. Religion debate has heated up over the battle of which "theory" is correct -Creation or Evolution. The debate has recently ranged from the depths of the White House, to numerous School Boards, lawsuits and even many college campuses. And which theory is correct? It turns out that neither side can "prove" they are correct - for the simple reason that both sides are wrong.

1.) CREATION: The biblical text does not say that the earth is only about 4,004 years old. That was Bishop Usher who made that mistake and he was wrong -- not the bible. The bible, in fact, says nothing about age of the earth. Bishop Usher made a mistake in assuming that Genesis Chapter 5 was about the ages of the patriarchs.

Instead it contains a hidden critical piece of scientific information, necessary for maintaining the Hebrew culture - the exact length of the year, 365 days. Before about 2,000 BC, most middle-eastern advanced cultures used a 360 day lunar calendar which is good enough for being a shepherd or camel herder. But to be a true farmer and use agriculture, you need to know the exact length of the year to be able to know when to plant your crops the next year. I will explain and prove that in detail later.

So Bishop Usher was wrong. People who believe in the "young earth" are wrong, based on a mistaken translation by a Bishop who was not a scientist. A Bishop who didn't understand the scientific and historical meaning of Genesis 5, which documents the "evolution" of ancient cultures from hunter-gathering-herding societies, into full-fledged agricultural societies which need a proper 365 day solar calendar to survive.

2.) EVOLUTION: Charles Darwin was also very wrong. Evolution by "natural selection" was not the process which created the myriad lifeforms that now exist on earth. There is plenty of evidence which can prove that. The one item of critical evidence to prove that Darwin's Evolution is not correct is that after 150 years of diligent searching, not one, no, not even one example of a missing link or any intermediate species form has ever been discovered. But that is exactly what is needed to show Darwin's evolution theory was correct. Since no intermediate species have ever been found, therefore Darwin's gradual evolution theory by "natural selection" is shown to be false.

Thus the arguments for both sides of the heated debate between "creation vs evolution" are non-starters. They are BOTH wrong. It's like two blind people arguing over the color of the sky or the sun. Neither side can prove the other side is correct or incorrect. It is a useless debate and a waste of time. I won't mention the number of angels on heads of pins as another example of useless philosophical debates.

Actually, creation and evolution are also BOTH correct, to some degree. Not in anyway that most people believe -- but just enough to fool both sides into thinking that they each might actually be correct.

Every 1 to 2 million years, the magnetic field of the earth reverses the north and south magnetic poles. The earth itself does not reverse - just the magnetic field. During the reversal process, the earth's magnetic field, which usually acts as a shield protecting lifeforms from intense solar X-rays, gamma rays, and deadly dangerous ionizing particle radiation, suddenly disappears. The deadly intense solar radiation is momentarily allowed to strike the surface of the earth.

Within hours, about 99 percent of all life on earth is instantly killed by the intense radiation. Those few 1 percent of survivors, hidden in caves, in holes in the earth, or under water are highly deformed, damaged and mutated by the intense radiation causing direct damage to the DNA molecules in their reproductive cells. But the radiation damage is not visible in those survivors, but it is clearly seen in their direct offspring.

Within months or a year, or less than one generation, the surviving mutants which may or may not still be viable, may be able to reproduce. This results in multitudes of numerous competing similar but highly modified mutant lifeforms. Then and only then, does Darwin's evolution process of "natural selection," enter the scene, to cull the less able or disabled mutant forms to be lost to history, while the strong survivors with many new adaptable traits become numerous new species. The new species were suddenly "created" by the intense radiation within one generation.

Example: About 1 million years ago, during the last magnetic field reversal, one species, Saber Tooth tigers, were extremely irradiated and in less than a year became, modern lions, tigers, pumas, ocelots, bobcats, pussycats and numerous other feline species. None of the new species was ever seen before the massive radiation event at the magnetic field reversal. Darwin's "evolution" didn't and couldn't do all of that within several years. But that is what the geologic record shows -- almost instantaneous "creation" of many new species by intense random radiation with no intermediate "missing link" forms, and all within one generation.

Since the time of the age of dinosaurs, which ended 65 million years ago, there have been about 15 to 20 magnetic field reversals. At each reversal, there is almost instantaneous creation of multitudes of new lifeforms, usually resulting in many forms coming from just one earlier life form. And usually the earlier life form disappears, since it is no longer competitive.

Another example: The early horse, eohippus, about the size of a dog, disappeared, but became donkeys, horses and several equine variants such as zebras which are almost related species. Notice, in this process there is no gradual evolution -- and thus no "missing links" between species.

Charles Darwin, when he invented his evolution theory, knew nothing about this, since "radiation" was not "discovered" until 50 years later by Madame Currie. And the effect of radiation on DNA was completely unknown, until DNA was "discovered" by Watson and Crick 100 years after Darwin. Thus Darwin, in the mid-19th century, had no clue as to what might be the actual cause to make one species change into another species. Thus Darwin's Theory is wrong.

No missing links between species have ever been discovered. Now you know why. The new species were "created" almost in the blink of an eye, by intense solar radiation. No intermediate species or "missing link" were ever born. The new mutant species were born directly from their highly radiated and DNA-modified parents.

Thus, almost instantaneously, in geologic time, the new lifeforms are "created" by the intense radiation, and then the survivors quickly "evolved" in just one generation into the many viable new species.

Thus, it is time to end the inane debate between "creation versus evolution." Both scientific and religious "beliefs" are wrong and cannot be proved to be true. Both can be proved to be false. And also both are partly "right" -- but for the wrong reason.

Marshall Smith
Editor, BroJon Gazette



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