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Viv Zizi! Slogans in support of American Universal Health Care

August 29,2009

People need to say why a real national health care plan is best in short quick statements. Here are some I wrote:

You pay less taxes with private healthcare insurance because you die younger.

Why are private insurers scared to let you have a public health choice?

Call your health insurer today. Ask for their death panel's "excluded care" judgements list.

The majority of doctors now support national health care. Don't let the Republicans get between you and your doctor's advice.

The Republicans want to take away your Medicare then take away free roads.

Support a baby's right to continued life. Support American Universal Health Care.

or "A baby's right to live shouldn't stop at birth! Support American Universal Health Care"

The founding fathers put continued life as the first inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence.

You lose your liberty when you die after your for profit health insurance drops you.

Demand the list of excluded (rationed) procedures from your private health insurer today.

If private health care is so good why aren't Health Insurance executives under the same policies?

Support National Health care so you can live to keep bugging democrats longer.

Avoid the Death Tax Support National Health Insurance

You actually don't have private health insurance. You just think you do until you get sick and meet their death panels.

Right NOW your private health insurance ALREADY has a list of your medical care they will ration to your death. National health care will stop them.

Republicans are protecting for-profit death panels.

Stop the death panels. Eliminate private health insurance.

Republicans want to let private insurance companies keep rationing your health care.

Republicans want to take away your Medicare (which IS government health insurance)

If you like your Medicare then you DO like government healthcare.

You don't feed your baby with profit as the motive. Why would you do it with their healthcare?

Private health insurance is like playing a lottery that disqualifies your ticket when you win.

The people who told you health reform was bad all made their money off your past friend's and relative's deaths.

Isn't it time the healthcare portion of GDP wasn't dependent on Grossly Dying People

We're dying to have national health care. You are dying to protect your health insurance company's profits.

When you discover your private health insurance won't pay for your cancer like they promised you'll be too sick and poor to fight them.

Calling Bill Frist a doctor is like calling Hitler a painter. The Frist's main family business is the largest multi billion dollar healthcare company HCA.

We're number 37!

If my boss wanted to administer my healthcare he'd have gone to med school. Support true National health care.

Make american business healthy again. Give us real national healthcare.

My boss wants real national healthcare so he can make widgets without making healthcare decisions.

You don't have to choose between liberty or death if we have a real national health insurance option.

My employer's business isn't healthcare. Why should they be in charge of my health insurance?

It's you or the private insurance companies. Who would you rather keep healthy? (or die)

Republican obstructionists ARE the death panels for you and your kids.

If health care was education, you would be fighting to stay stupid.

"Medicare IS A Government Run Program"

Eliminate the Middleman: Insurance Companies

Calling HCA healthcare profiteer and heir Bill Frist a doctor is like calling Hitler a painter.

Republicans acknowledge for-profit healthcare will let you die but on the bright side the Government will save money.

The Republicans new plan to save on Medicare costs is to scare Grandma and Grandpa to death.

Republicans: shackling American citizens and businesses for healthcare profits for 5 decades.

Yesterday another 49 Americans DIED from substandard American health insurance and rationing while Republican took healthcare bribes. 18,000 Americans die every year from this. That's a 9/11 every 2 months.

Republicans burden American business with healthcare administration and costs.

Republicans: aborting adults for private healthcare profits

You pay more NOW for private insurance than you would pay in taxes for National Healthcare. (just ask your grandpa on Medicare)

The quickest way to eliminate large injury lawsuits is to take away the need for continued care awards by having free National Healthcare.

National healthcare would eliminate large injury lawsuit judgements.

If you have your healthcare through your job you lose both when you get really sick.

If you think you have private healthcare you just haven't been really sick yet.

Republicans forgot. It's a bill for healthcare for Americans not a bill for the healthcare companies.

Chuck Grassley: too old to think for himself and too old fight for your healthcare.

Chuck Grassley is protecting Bill Frist's HCA right to withhold treatment from your dying child.

Democrats know if we went to the Moon that America can certainly do a national healthcare program.

When did Republicans get so scared?

When did Republicans stop believing America can do anything?

Why do Republicans want to let for-profit insurance companies kill your son or daughter?

Why do Republicans want to deny Americans what the Senate and Congress have had for 20 years?

Republicans = Dupes for the healthscare profit lobby.

Republicans: too scared to do what Europe has already accomplished.

Republican defeatists think America can't do healthcare as well as Europe.

Republicans you've said you're too scared to move forward so just get out of the way.

Republicans have been holding America back for 50 years.

Democrats:"America can do anything." Republicans:"America is beaten and we can't afford to do anything ever again"

Democrats: strong enough to fight for those in need. Republicans: Scaring Grandpa's for-profit.

Republicans: Scaring grandparents for healthscam profits.

Republicans don't believe America can do anything. They hate the government our founding father's built and need to be lead by false capitalist kings becuase they can't think for themselves.

Pussies bear arms at TV rallys. Real men bear helpful arms for mothers and fathers dying without healthcare.

If you were really men you be bearing helpful arms into the houses where families are dying without healthcare instead of hiding behind guns at TV rallies.

Republicans are buying hollow taking points and carrying hollow points.

Hey stupid. I don't care what you say. Kids are DYING!

Yesterday another mother, father and child died without treatment while YOU FUCKING TALKED.

Republicans are lying while American mothers, fathers and children without treatment are dying RIGHT NOW.

Sick and Tired of 50 yrs of debating. It's time for National Healthcare NOW.

for-profit healthcare is the sickness. National Healthcare is the cure.

Ignorance is a pre-existing condition. Are ye not thy brothers keeper?

Not having the money or the authority hasn't stopped us yet who's to say it ever will, LETS GO FOR IT!

Insurers lie, everybody dies.

Why can't I start a small business and get health insurance?

"If Jesus Had Free Health Care He May Have Pulled Through"

"No government health care. Give me liberty AND give me death."

This Protest was made possible by a generous grant from the Insurance lobby.

Private healthcare companies ration care more than premiums RIGHT NOW. Where did you think their profits come from?

If private healthcare didn't get more money from you than they pay for your healthcare they wouldn't still be in business.

Private healthcare companies are whiny wimps who want protection from government healthcare.

If private healthcare works so well why won't they agree to pay $1 million in death benefits to your family if you die?

If private healthcare wants to continue to refuse you care if you get sick then you should be able to demand premium refunds with interest for every year you DIDN'T get sick.

Guaranteed and Free Universal Health Care NOW becuase my life is not an "option".

People with JOBS can't be here but they all want universally guaranteed free healthcare NOW.

More people have died from private health insurance than died in the back of Ted Kennedy's car.

Your health insurance company rations your treatments becuase your fast death from expensive illness decreases their costs and increases their profits.

Starting Universal National Health Care grew a bombed out, bankrupt Britain out of WW2's ruin.

Britain's National Healthcare was started after WW2 when they were bankrupt and bombed out and it lifted their economy out of collapse with high wage medical job and technology growth. The time is NOW for a FULL NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM precisely BECAUSE the USA needs economic growth.

Britain's brand new Universal National Health Care System grew it's economy out of bankrupt, bombed out economic ruin after WW2.

National Health Care NOW BECAUSE it grows economies out of bankruptcy.

If Britain could grew it's bankrupt, bombed out post WW2 economy by starting National Health Care then the USA can too. Do you doubt the USA?

Private healthcare companies are whiny and scared of real choice with a public option.

Your stupidity is stopping my American Universal Healthcare.

Grandpa, support your children and grandchildren by including them in your Medicare Universal Healthcare.

If you like your Medicare then you DO like Universal Government Health insurance.

Medicare IS Government Universal Healthcare.

My grandpa denied me his Universal Healthcare and all I got was his bill.

GOP: Grandparents Opposing Progress.

Satanistic sacrifice thrives through private healthcare.

If the AMA doctor's lobby isn't Satanistic then why is their symbol a staff with serpents?

Millions more people die in the healthcompany death panels each YEAR than ever died in Ted Kennedy's car.

Death Panels ARE REAL. YOUR health insurance company has one.

Your health insurance company's Death Panel has already rationed YOUR future care.

Health Insurance company's and hospitals death panels meet EVERY DAY.

Private hospitals routinely close competitive hospitals to ration room availability and increase room prices.

Fox News is Satan's tool.

Guaranteed and Free Universal Health Care NOW becuase my life is not an "option".

People with JOBS can't be here but they all want universally guaranteed free healthcare NOW.

More people have died from health company profit goals than died in the back of Ted Kennedy's car.

If you don't feed your baby with a profit goal why should profit control their healthcare?

Your health insurance company rations your treatments becuase your fast death from expensive illness decreases their costs and increases their profits.

I'll believe for profit health companies care about my life ONLY when they pay death benefits.

If they believe in competition why won't for profit health care companies publish their survival rates?

A private health insurer IS fundamentally a death panel arbitrage company.

My support for democrats and Obama is optional if my universal health care is only an option.

We never would have one WW2 if the gaol had been "The Winning Option"

We're dying while they're lying.

Evven I ain't stepud enouf to beleive health insurance componies. Why R yu?

I support free choice. I'll choose Universal National Health Care and you can keep what you have now.

Private healthcare companies: whining for special protection through Republicans since 1950.

18000 American deaths every year without private health insurance! Thousands more die WITH IT!

Call your insurance company today and ask for a copy of their "excluded treatments list"

Wanna really save taxes and avoid national health care? Shoot yourself now.

For-Profit healthcare: the pyramid scheme that's also your tomb.

The Profit motive in healthcare does for your life what it did for your home and stock values.

For-Profit health care puts the honesty of wall street in your doctor's office.

Rescind the profit motive as a preexisting condition for health insurance.

Ask Blue Cross for their "excluded treatments list" to see the work of REAL death panels.

Republicans just stuck their for-profit health insurance finger in your truth orifice.

Republicans: Making you bend over for health insurance profits.

When your doctor and health insurance comes through your job your boss is the one one who will tell you to bend over.

When your healthcare depends on your boss he has you by the short ones. Support National Healthcare.

Healthcare from your job eliminates work choice.

With employer administered healthcare quitting means death.

Ask your employer how much healthcare choice you have now.

Private healthcare: Saving you taxes by killing you faster!


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