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Japan's new HPC-4c robot is difficult to distinguish from the other female dancers at first glance. The HPC robotic platform is the world's most humanoid robot platform at the least cost (expected to be around US$300,000)

The HPC robot platform without the articulated female head and hands.

See the most popular searched keywords and search terms on google for the past 7, 30 and 90 days in this handy page. Learn what the world is thinking about.

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Mesothelioma or Mezotheleoma is a disease primarily caused by exposure to Asbestos. Heroic rescuers on September, 11 2001 are possibly at risk.

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Follow the latest in space launches from companies like SpaceX and others on my new Spacefan site.

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Implementing American Universal National Health Care may be the ONLY thing big enough to fuel our economic recovery.

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NeverAgainLand. Micheal Jackson is dead.

8:00 am PST June 26 2009

NeverAgainLand. Micheal Jackson is dead. It's a stunning thing. When someone who has been so ubiquitous in your live dies - even if controversial- the feelings are hard to quantify. I finally realized what it was yesterday. Yesterday so many of us aged.

We forever lost access to one of the amazing ferris wheel rides of our youth.

The fact that Micheal Jackson passed away just before we were about to experience him one more time in what would likely have been another groundbreaking musical tour only puts accent on OUR loss.

No matter your opinion of HIS life, Micheal Jackson is now one aspect of OUR lives that we will never again experience in the same way. That makes it a deeply personal loss for everyone.

Now Micheal Jackson's music is a memory of our lives rather than a possible promise of new musical and life experiences. Today his music is being enjoyed by so many people all over again. ( Music Nirvana - The Best Music hourly Hourly bestselling music index.)
At least it makes us all appreciate the past experiences of our lives more to see and here it all over again.
Just click Music Nirvana - The Best Music hourly To see Micheal JAckson's music reclimb the charts.

Now you can find your favorite science fiction by the decade

8:00 pm PST June 21 2009

Have you ever wanted to find science fiction stories from certain decades? now it's easy with our exclusive
Science Fiction By the Decade index. Just click Science Fiction By the Decade and you can find the great old stories from the masters from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and more or find modern works. You can even find your old favorite stories from childhood.

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Now you can see if you can detect earthquake precursors in Southern California

7:00 pm PST April 06 2009

With the revealation that an Italian Seismologist predicted the recent Italian earthquake, the interest in possible indicators of earthquakes before they happen has peaked.

Southern Californians can watch many possible geophysical precursors for earthquakes at and see if they see a correlation between those sensors and quakes in southern California or around the world.

The site includes variations in earth's rotation (Length of Day charts), magnetic readings from Fresno, tidal forces, ionization charts and solar wind bursts hitting the planet alongside current earthquake maps.

Designed to put hard to find, dispersed, real time scientific readings in front of regular people, electricquakes offers those with an interest an easy way to follow earth changes and research possible correlations with earthquakes.

More info on Earthquake Prediction

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International Date commission moves April 1st forward 6 hrs

6:00 pm PST March 31 2009

In an astounding first, The International Date Commission has decided to move April 1st forward 6 hrs.
(sorry but someone had to go for the earliest April fool's of the year. You have just been RICK FOOLED by the first April Fools Joke of 2009 and perhaps the only early April's fool joke within a joke in history.)
and by popular request (disabled becuase april fools is over!)

Much Funnier April Fools Stuff

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Suddenly a whole new type of aircraft has been born.

4:30 pm PST Oct 20 2008
The coolest thing I have seen since the Rutan X-Prize liftoff. Imagine the skies and parks full of these.

Air Art from flip on Vimeo.

The "Money Honey" Maria Bartelomo is getting upset. "What is this crap" overheard between takes.

5:00 pm PST Sept 29 2008

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CNBC's MARIA BARTIROMO "Closing Bell" Anchor has been uttering some interesting comments between takes that have been caught by open mics all day. Earlier right after the close of the NYSE today their ticker showed the market down about 550 points as the people hammered down the gavel. It was significant because at that moment it DID NOT appear that the DOW had exceeeded it's previous maximum loss of over 600 points in a day. In fact CNBC instantly and briefly ran a ticker line saying it was the worst since another period of time rather than a ticker saying the worst point drop in history. However about two or three minutes later the ticker was showing a loss of 777 points which DID exceed the DOW's greatest previous one day point loss. Maria about that time could clearly be heard saying "what is this crap?" on a mic after she assumed they had gone to commercial. Later in the day at around 4:40pm after another round table discussion they cut away to commercial and she could clearly be heard saying with some frustration "why are you getting rid of the one person who (garbled).." and the host of Kudlow & Company Said "Maria we're done." It's been clear all morning that some of the hosts are getting "expressive" and some are breaking the mold of always trying to sell the Wall St. line. As they do some of the other talking heads have been variously snickering and or laughing outright and perhaps there is a little tension brewing between them.

Falcon rocket finally makes it into orbit burning the perfect fuel- mortgage backed securities. They go down fastest and, in dramatic proof of equal and opposite reactions, the rocket finally makes it up to orbit .

1:10 pm PST Sept 29 2008

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The Falcon 1 rocket from SpaceX corporation finally made it into orbit today on the companies fourth try. The company spokesperson exclaimed" We made the connection between the speed of the falling exhaust and the speed of the rocket rising, and it was like a light bulb went on. Our engineers identified the fuel they thought could go down fastest out of the back of the rocket and it was clear that Mortgage Backed Securities paper was our fuel of choice. Even better -the price was right. We can pick up mortgage backed paper for virtually nothing these days while rocket fuel is rare everywhere except in the drinking water supply of the USA (and the EPA won't let us take it out). So we stuffed those mortgage backed securities into the rocket and lit that candle!"

The proof was in the results - the rocket did not explode although the mortgage backed securities exploded with great power. Indeed one key to the success was the securities fell so quickly out of the back of the rocket their destructive power was fully contained by the nozzle. Witnesses exclaimed they had never seen paper burn with such virulence. In keeping with classic physics the tremendous rate at which the mortgage backed securities fell out of the back of the rocket and detonated into nothingness pushed the rocket right up into space at tremendous speed.

(the above story is satire the following story is not satire unfortunately)

NY Mice hail hero on trial for killing sadistic cat

8:30 am PST Sept 29 2008

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Heroic waiter/actor Joseph Petcka barely escaped conviction after killing the sadistic mouse torturing cat of his ex girlfreind, and NY Mice are taking to the street vocally in his defense. Mick the Mouse squeaked loudly for the cameras "That cat mercilessly clawed swatted and played 'Cat and mouse' with my cousin last year and then left him to die on the neighbor's stoop. Petcka is a hero and should be credited with saving the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of defenseless mice that would have died in the next few years. No one should pity this serial mouse killing cat. Are the lives of mice any less than the lives of other animals? WE SAY NO!" Later some mice lamented that the success of the TV show Dexter about a serial killer may have desensitized people to the serial killer nature of cats.

Later the growing crowds gathering in front of Petcka's apartment building cheered wildly as PETM (People for the Ethical Treatment of Mice) showed up naked waving only signs and their asses. Actresses in PETM chanted "We show our glands as we take stands for defenders of Innocent Mice." Spokeswoman and aspiring model/actress Tiffany Bountiful stated "Petcka and others who care about mice are often persecuted in this country. WHEN WILL the country stop the hypocrisy of valueing one furry critter more than another? Will it take a strike by mice everywhere and piles of crumbs so big they stop traffic before mice are recognized as the valuable members of society that they are? We are here today so THAT costly social strike can be avoided."

The pro Petcka celebration was only slightly dampened when one mouse was arrested after it was noticed that he carried a small camera as he scurried under the skirtless PETM members taking video. Skeptics stated "Clearly that mouse was a plant by the police to discredit the protest. No mice claimed to have ever seen the arrested mouse before and it was beleived he was given suspiciously good cheese while in detention before being inexplicably bailed out by police officers. The video was seized and is being reviewed extensively in the precinct for it's evidentury value. Other police sceptics complained that, since the passage of bills allowing ads to be run on the Police precint website, it is likely the video will appear in full there very shortly and the whole arrest was a money making ploy combined with an attempt to discredit those defending mice everywhere. Legal scholars noted that since none of the PETM members were actually wearing skirts during the protest the videographer mouse could not be charged for taking upskirt videos.

(Not Satire unfortunately)

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I was heavily involved in the search for Steve Fossett leading an effort to round up some very generous volunteers of extremely advanced scientific equipment to help with the search for the lost aviator when the official stuff just wasn't being done with the most advanced equipment. Before that I helped track down phone numbers in a community effort to indentify public hypocritics regarding the arrest of the DC madam. The stories are below.

It is an unofficial volunteer blog. Usually I get involved with something if I feel I can bring some intelligent contribution or technical skills to a cause that I think has some life saving or social or national importance or political relevance or if I just want to try to right a wrong. Thanks for looking! More information below the sponsor add (Hey! buy a book and support this relatively commerce free site site!)

Visit other interesting sites here What's next for the Earth The super hurricanes are coming Do earthquakes sometimes get triggered by solar activity? Sound that helps you get rested How to kick the gas habit and join the future

November 2007 *****The Hollywood Writer's Strike Coverage*****

Recently I have begun reporting on the Hollywood writer's strike picket lines. It is the first strike I have ever reported on and I am sure for many americans around my age they have never been involved in a strike either.

It is an interesting experience I can tell you! I am going to present a real inside look at it and you will be able to walk the picket lines with me.
The strike effort involves the WGA writers and is supported by SAG and many actors icluding the casts of many Hollywood TV shows including The Unit, Desperate Housewives, Big Love, Las Vegas and many more. Television production is rapidly shutting on almost all the Tv shows although there are some movies still shooting. I have photographed actors such as Bill Paxton, Gary Cole, Ray Ramono, Doug Savant, Minnie driver, Sara Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Eva Longoria, Robert Patrick and many more on the picket lines. Most of these actors are people I know and I have worked with because I have been on about 100 productions in the last 2 or 3 years usually as a non speaking actor (although I have gotten a few speaking parts lately). I have interviewed some of these writers and actors and will be posting those videos here. The first of several news stories and videos will be linked here. The first video is a news photo essay called "The Writers Cause" can be watched for free on the internet on Please rate it highly with Metacafe and vote it up so it will gain more visibility for the writer's cause! If you have a comment on it you can email me at asfvolunteera at vivzizi dot com (get ride of the a's in the first part and put the normal @ and . in to email me)

The Writer's Cause - More amazing videos are a click away

September *** Steve Fossett Search effort*****

Renowned aviator Steve Fossett is missing after taking off from a Nevada Airstrip on Sept 3rd at 9am.

****Oct. 2007 Updated!****

I became heavily involved in locating the most high tech equipment and methods available to be used in the search. A person's life was a stake and I knew I could bring some resources and fast focus to this that would otherwise not be available to the man's family. Although unfortunately we have not yet been able to locate his aircraft, I brought some techniques and equipment to the search that had never before been used to search for a downed aircraft. The story and thanks to those experts around arounfd the country who helped me assemble the technology and the team will go here soon.

Original post from early September:
I have found an indication of a mountain top fire from a Sept 3rd 11:35 AM PST MODIS NASA satellite photo in the general search area. NASA Modis satellites take high rez photos of all parts of earth each day and automatically identify fire signatures on the ground they fly over. I searched the sept 3rd photo for Southern California taken at 11:35 PST and noticed an automatic fire identification red square on the satellite image in the high mountains just west of Morro Lake which is just west of the search area.
The search team HAS BEEN NOTIFIED and they contacted me and are following up on this possible lead. I hope it can help find this aviation pioneer in time. One can hope so since just yesterday a person was found alive after an unrelated car accident after having been trapped in his car for 7 days. .
Look at the modis image here.(right click on it and say open in new tab or open in new window.)
The MODIS image indicating a small fire on that morning in the general area Steve Fossett went missing
It is the small red square on the mountain tops directly west of Morro Lake. Start at San Franciso bay and go East. when you hit the snowy mountains just west of the round lake on the other side (Morro Lake) you will see a small red square the satelite system automatically places when it thinks it has found a fire. Further analysis in Google earth of this area shows a small grey blur typical of smoke on a satellite image in a relatively cleared pine forest on a mountaintop on the way to San Fran from Morro lake so it is a conceivable ditch site. Lat 37.912807 Long 119.727580 elevation 7106 ft click on and open or download and open in google earth the kmz link below to see it in google earth.
Fossett Google earth marker file at site of possible smoke

That whole cleared mountaintop area deserves a flyover.
News inquiries or comments contact

***The DC madam's Phone records effort***

(Temporarily offline due to increased traffic) We are hosting a fast, partial and NOT cross checked and not completed electronic index of the phone records images recently published by Deborah Jeane Palfrey. She has become known as the "DC Madam" and she ran "Pamela Martin and Associates".

Ms. Palfrey made photos of her phone records available on her web site, Within minutes readers elevated a project to get together and process those record images so they could begin to determine who was on the list. I was drawn to this project because of the technical challenge, and becuase I thought it would likely would expose some truth about some of those politicians making moral pronouncements. It was just a gut feeling which proved true as a Congress member's phone number was found on the list. I became one of the primary team members and we quickly made fast progress using advanced techniques. Our efforts at have resulted in several partial phone lists converted to actual data. It was done with great speed and little cross checking and therefore absolutely should not be considered accurate. This list used automatic OCR processes to look at the images and have the computer attempt to read the phone numbers. Then that list was reduced so all duplicate phone numbers were removed. It is only partially complete as the group hasn't finished scanning all the phone records in yet. You can be assured this list has errors and wrong numbers. It should be used only as a guide for quick reference and other automated attempts to scan the numbers and THEN THAT PHONE NUMBER SHOULD BE MANUALLY RECHECKED ON THE ORIGINAL IMAGE FILES TO SEE IF THE NUMBER LISTED IN THIS LIST IS IN FACT ON HER RECORDS. It quite possibly could be a transcription error on this list. Remember also that some of these phone numbers go back years. People who have them today may not have had those phone numbers years ago.

With the link below you can know the numbers that appeared the most!

(Temporarily taken offline to preserve bandwidth during the writer's strike coverage. It will reappear again in the future. please stay posted!) Go here for great new DC Madam phone list research tool!